Seven Kings Lodge was sponsored by the Liberty of Havering Lodge No. 1437, it was consecrated on 22nd June 1899 at the White Hart Hotel, Romford and ranks No. 42 in the order of precedence for the province of Essex, England.

The name 'Senen Kings' appears to have derived from the Local area called Seven Kings, and a reference is made in the petition that the new Lodge was created as it was more convenient to their (the petitioners) dwellings.

The area called Seven Kings is close to Ilford in the London Borough of Redbridge, Essex. The local Historic society gives the following explanation of the reason the area Seven Kings got its name:


The name Seven Kings contains both legend and dream. The legend is that in Saxon times seven kings met at a cool, clear stream in the forest which covered the area. Out for a day's hunting, the 'kings', or regional overlords, let their horses drink and then moved on, leaving the name Seven Kings behind them.

The dream of Mr A Cameron Corbett, who played a significant part in the development of Ilford, was to build a people's suburb. Following years of commitment to providing top-quality houses at prices ordinary working people could afford, Mr Cameron Corbett was made the first Baron Rowallen.

When Corbett's dream was realised in bricks and mortar, some 10,000 people had moved into the district's new houses. Corbett also encouraged the building of a railway station to serve the area, guaranteeing that the Great Eastern Railway would take £10,000 in season tickets in the first five years after Seven Kings station was opened.

  The station did indeed open, and now the area is a busy suburb of London. The History of Seven Kings Lodge is taken from this point in the page entitled a 'Brief History' a link to this page is placed on the menu bar above or by clicking here BRIEF HISTORY